Some Strange and Interesting Google Ads On Gmail's Webclips

In an earlier article, I wrote about Search Engine Optimization, and how some people abuse it. I listed some instances of Ad Spamming by eBay there.

Here are some more interesting or surprising tidbits on Google advertising, specially on the newly introduced Gmail webclips.

Google Ads In Arabic

Google does not support Arabic as a language for Adsense. This did not stop a few adventurous souls to do their ads in Arabic regardless. The first time I saw a Google Adsense Ad with Arabic in it was a few months ago, on It was for an internet hosting company in Bahrain. Since Ivan Raszl, Creative Bits owner, lives in Bahrain it was no wonder that this ad showed up on his site.

A few days ago, I found this ad on Google's Gmail web clips. Notice the context of the ad: I received an email from someone asking me about MySQL and Arabic, and the ad showed up on the top, in Arabic. Nice idea from the advertisers. 



Google SPAM Ads 

 I have noticed something odd about the SPAM folder in Google's Gmail. Everytime you are at that folder, there is an ad for a recipe made with Hormel's Spam. It is always tagged with "Spam Recipe" on the side. The links are always to

I think this is a very innovative way to advertise on for RecipeSource and Hormel as well!

Here is a screen capture of the ad: 

Shady Business Ads

Here are two instances of businesses advertising inflated income figures that found their way to Gmail's webclips.

$300/Hr in Mississauga? - - 21 Side-by-side Comparisons of Fun Jobs Paying Up To $300/Hour.


$2,000 to $7,000 Per Week - - Begin Immediately - No Exp. Nec. Get Paid at Any ATM

I guess with this kind of income, I can quit my day job, and even forgoe Google's AdSense revenue as well ... sheesh ...