Justin Bieber: how the internet social media helps new pop stars

From nearby Stratford, Ontario, teen pop singer Justin Bieber has achieved worldwide fame in just one year, becoming a phenomenon.

He can thank the internet as the vehicle that helped him shoot up to stardom.

It was first Youtube that was the vehicle for him to get noticed. As he says in this article, he posted a video, and had some viewers, then more viewers, then tens of thousands of views. This led to a record deal and a professional manager. He now tours the world for concerts.

The involvement of the internet was not just to get him noticed initially. The twitter savvy teen continues to use the microblogging platform as a marketing and communication tool to stay in touch with his fans, all 3.19 million of them! And he follows back some 70,000 of those fans!

As one media columnist is quoted in the article: Bieber is "the biggest legitimately monetized social media phenomenon of our time".




Yes He Should

It's amazing how this kid came onto the scene out of no where. The internet: Youtube, FB, etc. definitely got this kid where he is today. It's crazy how connected people of the world are today through these mediums stated before. Anyone can become someone today.

I think social media is

I think social media is really a grate tool to get notified in a short duration of time. And will bring a lot fame too. I have seen even most of the entertainment channels are publishing their adds in social media by asking votes for an event which is being conducted by them.

Things which you discussed in your blog are really awesome and hope you will come up with more internet marketing articles.

Totally agree.

I couldn't agree more with your article and can almost not blame the guy's behavior because when you get famous via social media like Youtube with everybody commenting either extremely nice or evil things, it has got to effect how you grow up. No normal adolescence means no normal adulthood.