How often do you reboot your laptop?

How often do you reboot your laptop?

Well, for me, I run Linux (Kubuntu 12.04), and I usually do it when a new kernel security update is released. And put it on sleep otherwise.

This means I can go for a month and a half without rebooting.

Here is a recent example, output from the "uptime" command:

14:31:46 up 45 days, 2:10, 7 users, load average: 1.45, 1.29, 1.28





I maybe restart once or twice a week. Whenever a big enough update requires.

Reboot Laptop

Now days, I reboot my laptop couple of times because hdd bad sectors that frequently generates blue screen of death error on windows.

Hardly reboot my system

I hardly reboot my system until there is any update that requires restart.

Once a week at most,

Once a week at most, depending on which updates are shown. Maybe as long as a month in some cases.