Linux History: Email attempt to get Linux from Archives

This email is one attempt to reach someone for getting Linux by an alternate way, other than FTP.We did not have TCP/IP at the time, and our connection was X.25, and we paid by the byte. Actually, it was X.28, which is X.25 over a dialup connection.Subject: Need to ftp LINUX but no internet access - do you have a mail server?Date: Wed, 19 Feb 92 19:26:57 KSAFrom: Khalid Baheyeldin To:, postmaster@tupac-amaru.informatik.rwth-aachen.deSorry for the bother, but this message is from Saudi Arabia, and we don't haveinternet access so our only choice is to rely on mail servers.Does your site have a mailserver that I can use in lieu of ftp?I need info on the linux binaries stored at both your sites, and what thesize will be, i.e. will it cost too much to copy them from mailserver, orshould I try a more primitive method (i.e. copy on flexs and mail to me).Also our link is a 2400 baud one, even thru X.25, and large transfers prove tobe more trouble than its worth due to frequent aborts from our gateway in DaytonOhio to Saudi Arabia using UUCP.Again sorry for the trouble, but your help is greatly appreciated in this matterRegards.