Linux History: Emails to and from Robert Blum

Reply to an email from Robert Blum about getting Linux.

The interesting part here was: how companies would not be interested in Linux since it is "public domain"!

Subject: mail server for linux
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 92 12:12:32 +0100
From: Robert Blum
To: Khalid Baheyeldin
We've got no mailserver (not yet) and I can't advise you to get it via 2400 baud
even from the mailserver at
The whole thing is (with development tools and all) ca. 3 megabytes, any further
tools like emacs/pmake etc. add to the size.
But I could make ready some disks for you. (If you are willing to spread them in
saudi-arabia, that is)
Waiting for your response, Robert Blum

Subject: LINUX diskettes - YES YES YES !!!
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 92 20:58:55 KSA
From: Khalid Bahey-elDin
To: Robert Blum
"Robert Blum writes: "
> > The whole thing is (with development tools and all) ca. 3 megabytes, any
Are we talking binaries only, or binaries and (perhaps compressed) source?
> further tools like emacs/pmake etc. add to the size.
Are we also speaking source here or just binaries? If I am interested in those
in the future, after using LINUX for a while, I will let you know.
> But I could make ready some disks for you.(If you are willing to spread them>
> in saudi-arabia, that is)
I would try my best on this, no problem. I already have a couple of guys aligned
waiting for this.
However, a sensitive situation may arise, because I work for NCR, mainly on UNIX
systems, should a conflict of interest occurs between my distribution of LINUX
and my working for NCR, I will have to halt distribution from my side due to
work ethics around here.
If this doesn't happen (it is unlikely, but just in case) then I will be the
advocate of LINUX in Saudi Arabia. It is sad that we have no internet access,
and as far as I know, I am the only USENET site in Saudi Arabia, otherwise,
others would have heard about LINUX as well.
> Waiting for your response,
Do you recommend my waiting till .13 is out? I hear it is due by end of Feb?
If you think that I should wait for .13 release, then I'll wait till then.
Otherwise, pls do send these diskettes, my A: drive on my PC is 5.25", if that
matters (I mean if the system is distributed on bootable floppies). In fact my
PC's configuration is as follows :
386/25Mhz Phoenix BIOS
2MB RAM5,25" and 3.5" flex drives
104MB IDE Conner
3104 HDVGA display adapter
NEC multisync II
External Hayes clone modem
Also, pls keep me posted on any LINUX developments, news, ..etc., if it isn't
much trouble for you.
Thanks for your courtsey,

Then my reply to that. Notice how it was almost unthinkable in 1992 that "large businesses will not opt for a public domain UNIX". How times have changed!

Subject: Mail bounced, resending message on LINUX request
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 92 13:08:47 KSA
From: Khalid Baheyeldin
To: Robert Blum
Hello Robert!
I have mailed you a response earlier (last Thursday 20th), but received no
confirmation, so I am sending it again. I tried your address as it is in the
LINUX info sheet, but couldn't get thru. Hope to get it right this time.
Regarding the section below on "Conflict of interest", I think you can ignore
it, since large businesses (our customers that is) will not opt for a public
domain UNIX anyway, so go ahead and mail the diskettes (unless you think version
.13 is better, then mail .13 to me as soon as it comes).
Previous message follows:...