Linux History: Email to Steve Hanson on Unix User Newsletter

This is an email to Steve Hanson regarding the Unix User Newsletter.

Subject: Subscription to Unix User - Status
To: Steve Hanson
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 92 16:24:40 KSA
From: Khalid Baheyeldin
X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.3 PL4]
I received the Sep 92 issue of Unix User some time ago, and realized the
1. Upon subscription, I received the Vol 1 #1 (Nov 91 - the introductory issue),
and Vol 2 #1 (Mar 92) in one package. Vol 2 #1 is the first issue for my subscription.
2. After some time I received Linux with another copy of Vol 2 #1 issue.
3. I didn't receive anything until the Sep 92 issue a few weeks ago.
I assume that I am missing either one or two issues between Mar 92 and Sep 92.
The Sep 92 issue had no volume nor issue number on it, just the date.
Can you please clarify what is missing, and send the missing one(s) together
with the next issue?
As another subject, will you continue to provide Linux diskettes for the fee of
35$ when production 1.00 is out? What about updates?
I know of several people that would be interested in Linux here in Saudi Arabia.
Since we don't have ftp, we are willing to pay the fees you would charge for
updates, as well as archives of comp.os.linux and such useful material, since
Linux is not a commercial product.