Cedar Waxwing, Belted Kingfisher, and Osprey

Today at the Belwood Lake Conservation area, we saw several interesting bird species. Of course, we saw the common and ever visible ones, such as robins, blue jays, Canada geese, mallard ducks, and even a great blue heron.

We saw several Cedar Waxwings on the banks of the Grand River. These are truly beautiful birds, with the black crown and crest, the two white bands on the back, and the bright yellow band on the tail.

We also saw a female belted Kingfisher, with the brick colored band across her chest. These birds are vocal and noisy, almost noisier than the blue jays.

To end the show, there was an osprey near the conservation area entrance, eating a catfish bit by bit. Holding his claws on it, and stripping morsels with its beak. We sat in the car watching it as it is eating. Even the mottled feathers on its head were visible. We took some pictures. Nearby, there was another osprey at the nest, over a man made platform.

There were also a downy woodpecker, which are not uncommon around here.

Cedar Waxwing

Belted Kingfisher