Red Fox in Ontario

Today, I saw my first Red Fox in Ontario. I was not aware that foxes were native to Ontario until this encounter.I was at the Laurel Creek Conservation Area, which is a nature area at the edge of the city of Waterloo, used for picnics, camping and other recreational activities here.On the way out, about 7:45 pm (one hour before sunset), we saw a fox crossing the road, and disappearing in the bushes. It had the typical dark extremities, and white tail tip.You can read more on the Red Fox in Ontario.



Is my dog in danger from foxes when on walks?

Hi there,

I have a three year old bishoe/frise mix dog (about 11 pounds) and I often take him on walks through the forest off the leash. I'm just wondering if I am putting him in danger of being attacked by a fox or coyote.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.




If your dog is not already dead, it soon will be.

STOP WALKING IT NEAR FOXES. The dog will die and you may too if you get between them.


This is nonsense.

There are no recorded cases of foxes attacking dogs.

Are you confusing foxes with coyotes?

Foxes will not usually attack

Foxes will not usually attack dogs, even if they are smaller than them, unless the fox is rabid. Coyotes, on the other hand will have a little snack of your dog. If you are afraid of your dog getting attacked by coyotes you have two options: carry a weapon on you or walk him in a designated dog park off of his leash. My dog is big enough that he has actually joined a pack of coyotes for a couple of days, but he came back and I was never worried about him in the first place when he left, I knew where he was. Which brings me to my suggestion to get a big dog (my dog is a springer spaniel mixed with bernese mountain dog and has the size of a male bernese but the hype of a springer), I would suggest for you to get a german sheppard or any other strong, big dog. But the reason why I didn't put this as one of your options is because I knew you probably wouldn't like the idea but I had to put itout there.

-Colin Brennan, Ph.D in Animal Sciences, has been studying the canis species for years(canis latrans or "coyotes," canis familaris or "dog," and the canis lupus or "wolf."

dogs and the fox

I have a mating pair of fox with 6 kitts in my backyard. We live in the country and I do keep my dog(bassett hound) on a leash but that is only to protect the kitts. The fox have never shown any agression towards my kids dog or myself. They are quite curious about us and do not run away but they stay a safe distance away. Coyotes on the other hand are a totally different story..they will kill your small dog and anything else they can get a hold of....Have them around every night and they scare me.