Toronto Is Third Most Polite and Courteous City

The Canadian Press is reporting on a study by a Readers' Digest survey. In this study, 35 cities around the world have undercover reporters test the population at large for how polite or courteous they are.Toronto came out #3 with 70% of people taking a moment to do the courteous thing. Only New York (80%) and Zurich (77%) are ahead of Toronto.  Elsewhere in Canada, Montreal ranked as #21. The lowest three were Kuala Lumpur, Bucharest, and Mumbai coming out last.The undercover tester for Toronto said that Torontonians "are the only people in the world that will apologize when somebody else bumps into them".I can say that this apology is not restricted to Toronto, but is present in other communities in Southern Ontario. The same goes for holding the door open for others as you exit a building. Read The Readers Digest Survey, the Toronto Star article (via Canadian Press), and Mumbai's disputing of the reputation of rudest city.



It's not surprising based on

It's not surprising based on the number of people trying to immigrate to Toronto. We have such a great ethnically diverse population here and it just keeps on growing thanks to Canada's immigration policy.