British Columbia gets heavy snow, while Ontario enjoys good temperatures

For a change, British Columbia and Ontario reversed their traditional roles, weather wise.

It is now the end of November, and occasional snow is expected in Ontario, with temperatures below zero as well.

However, this is an El Nino year, and this has changed the patterns somewhat.

British Columbia rarely sees snowfall throughout winter, and temperatures are rarely below zero. Ontario is used to snowfall and below zero temperatures.

For British Columbia to see temperatures as low as -25C in the Fraser Valley, and 30 to 50 centimetres of snow is highly unusual.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, the temperature for the last several days have been as high as 11 C during the day, and 9 C in the evening. Again very unusual for Ontario.

I am sure I am going to write about harsh snow storms in Ontario in the near future, but for now, this role reversal suits me fine.


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