Sick on snow? Sell your snowbanks for charity

True to weather specialists forecasts, winter of 2007-2008 is more snowy than the last 15 years. We already had two big snow storms here in Southern Ontario, the last just today (January 1, 2008). Atlantic Canada had more storms than here.

In Quebec, a family has put their snowbank on eBay to auction it off, initially as a joke. This sale price would go to a children's hospital charity Operation Enfant Soleil. The initial offer fell through, from a potential buyer who bid $3,550 as a prank. However, Sophie Rouillier was number 3, with a bid of $3,000. Her husband and children contributed $550 more to match the top offer.

The story does not end there though. Bags of snow were offered for $25 each, making the total proceeds exceed $10,000!