Visualizing Sea Level Rises Using Google Maps and NASA Data

Here is a satellite map of sea level rises by a hypothetical 7 meters, using Google Maps with overlays of elevation data from NASA. You can change the sea rise level and see what effect  that has on your area of interest.  The scary part for me is that just a rise of 1 meter will turn Alexandria, Egypt into an island surrounded by the sea from the north and the south, including the old airport and its vicinities. Even Agami Abou Youssef will have some flooding, including the villa we used to spend the summer holidays in, now my uncle's place. The 7 meter rise will cause ponds right between Saba Pasha and Glym, as well as lots of other areas around Alexandria.



Egypt's Nile Delta and Global Warming

An Associated Press article on the effects of Global Warming on Egypt's Nile Delta is very gloom and doom.

Not only will people be displaced, but Egypt's ability to produce food for its large population will be devastated.

A rise of only 1 meter, will flood a quarter of the delta. This would force 10.5% if Egypt's population (currentlyt 80 million) to move from their current locations.
Khalid Baheyeldin