Egyptian bloggers and use of offensive language

I have very little time to read general blogs. I visit random blogs of various Egyptians occasionally when a link is passed on to me or when I am lost or something.

I don't know when the topic of this post started to happen, but I am amazed at the amount of foul language in use by Egyptian bloggers currently.

Perhaps it is a meme that I missed, or perhaps something else.

Previously, extremely offensive language was used only by anonymous posters when they tried ad hominen attacks on the blogger. Alaa and Manal's blog had many of these for example.

However, now the bloggers themselves have resorted to using this language. Recent examples are here, here, and here.

What happened?

  • Is this now acceptable in day to day use in Egypt, to use such language (like the F-word is in the workplace in USA and Canada)? I have not noticed this in day to day dealing during my visit this month to Egypt.
  • Or is it people are so stressed and frustrated that blogs have become a means for letting steam?
  • Or is it just the casual nature of blogs being more casual?
  • Or are there other reasons?



Most of the time it's not acceptable

Personally I use foul language on my blog because my blog is my little space of complete freedom, I wouldn't dare to use this kind of language in front of my mother :) but in a blog post I'm not forcing anybody to read nor comment. People can simply close their browsers or unsubscribe from this feed (both features I'd love to see with humans in real life :)).

This kind of language is not acceptable in Egypt even on the web, some Egyptian bloggers actually started a campaign to form a "clean" blogosphere (clearly I'm not allowed in there :))

But I think for most people it's just to blow off steam.

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