Lost in translation: Sale of Chicken Murder

I received this photo via email (thanks Yehiya!)

Egypt sale of chicken murder

The Arabic sign is بيع الدواجن المذبوحة for which the correct translation is "Sale [of] Slaughtered Chicken", meaning that they are not sold alive, already killed according to Islamic law.

The creative translator of the sign decided to use "Sale of Chicken Murder", not knowing how to express that they are already slaughtered.

Note: the email I got said this is from Egypt. However, the name on the sign indicates that it is possibly somewhere in the Arabian Peninsula (Salem Bin Said Al-Mash[...]ri).



Lost in translation: Sale of Chicken Murder

A closer look to the image you can read in Arabic that this buiness is in a place called Barka. A search in wikimapia leads to this small village in Oman with the same name.

Sale of chicken murder

I can oft that. It’s in Barka, Oman. I would drive past it all the time

Lost in translation

Great one! I too collect items I tuck into a "Bad Translation Fun" file...
How about the Chilean Spanish "Pie de Limón" appearing on a menu as "foot of lemon" or the typical literal translation of the spice "clavos de olor" coming up as "nails of scent" rather than cloves!

Unfortunately, this is in the

Unfortunately, this is in the Sultanate of Oman. In a place called Barka (you can notice in the board itself). Although, the translation in Oman boards has to be reviewed and it has to pass very strict regulations, I don’t know how this board passed.

Thanks, Saif from Muscat, Oman.

Outside of Doha

Actually, this is in Qatar, on a road heading out of Doha towards al Wakrah. I pass it all the time.