Yehya: Egyptian celebrity stalker on Jimmy Kimmel Live يحيى

Here is an Egyptian man called Yehya (يحيى Arabic for John), although it is pronounced "Yaya".He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 13th of September.He is a handyman by day, and celebrity stalker by night. He just wants to have his picture taken with famous celebrities. He has accumulated 1,600 such photos.His technique is typical Egyptian: he gives the celebrity a gift, which is a souvenir camel figure.His accent is typical Egyptian too. He says "biktshur" (picture), "Robert Williams" (Robin Williams), "Little Women" (Lethal Weapon), "Sixty Second" (Sixth Sense), "elephant" (dolphin).Hilarious ... watch the video on YouTube.   



and whats the problem ...?

and whats the problem ...? he doesnt speak much english and he has the egyptian's hospitality to give any one a camel as a souvenere??????

Yahyah does not mean John,

Yahyah does not mean John, Henna is the Arabic name for John.

Not true

Yohanna is the Syrian/Aramaic name, and in Arabic it is Yahiya.

Henna is short for Yohenna.

Henna is short for Yohenna. Yohenna does mean John. For example Yohenna el Ma3madanie means John the Baptist. Henna came from Yohenna.

Who told you we call

Who told you we call elephant( dolphin ) , u dump ass
we might say three sree though :P

he didn say elephant is

he didn say elephant is dolphin silly, its a joke! his accent is THAT bad...i've met that guy in BH he's disgusting..and bringing him in the shows also disgusting theyr using him as a GAG as Chelsea Handler started that with Chuy and Kimmel now with Guillermo they pick people that are naive or mentally low IQ it's really low id wish people complain but they let Jimmy get away with it...shameful..

"The mini me, he love it" -

"The mini me, he love it" - When Yehya gives a Fallafel roll to Verne Troyer during the red carpet.