Samuel Huntington's Hispanic Challenge

Samuel Huntington is still going strong.In the March/April 2004 of Foreign Policy, he published an article titled "The Hispanic Challenge"Basically, he continues to create enemies for America, whether real or imagined. First it was the "Islamic Civilization", and the "Confucian Civilization". This time it is the enemy within: The Hispanics!What a hot button it is with many American today, and what effect on immigration will it have?See also: Similarities between Toynbee and Huntington.



The enemies within??? I

The enemies within???
I wonder why you are thinking that Hispanics are enemies in the first place. Have you ever seen real research on Hispanics and seen how much they actually boost our economy?

I agree

I agree with what you are saying.

Go tell that to Samuel Huntington who strives to finds enemies, whether in the Clash of Civilization (Muslim, Hindu or Chines), or later with Hispanics as an internal "challenge".
Khalid Baheyeldin

No wonder there's a disease

No wonder there's a disease named after you... psycho.



He is not racist. He may say

He is not racist. He may say some racist things in his article, but in general he is not racist. He does not make the Hispanics inferior in any way.