Astronomy: Reminder of Halley's comet: Asteroid 2004 MN4 may hit earth in 2029

News came in yesterday that a newly discovered Asteroid, named 2004 MN4, may be on a collision course with earth.The collision is expected for April 13, 2029, about 24 years from now. It started with a Torino scale of 2, and was upgraded to 4 within the day. Initially, the probability was 1:233, then upgraded to 1:63, and at the time of writing this article, it is at 1:45. You can read some reactions on Slashdot on the original article, and a follow up article as well.It would be interesting to see if technology will be developed to deflect it in space, or some other way. Another interesting aspect is whether the world societies will cooperate to ward off this threat, or would countries where it is not expected to hit not be interested in helping?Massive panic has not strated yet on this scare, since it is a quarter century in the future. My late great grandmother (my mother's maternal grandmother) was a young woman in 1910, and remembers the scare caused by Halley's Comet being close to Earth at that time. She told me that people then went into a panic, and many people sold their property and land, and then nothing happened.



I hear the comet will hit the

I hear the comet will hit the earth on year 2009...thats what I heard

sounds bad

I think NASA's Deep Impact (DI) program and the UN is planning defense/aftermath strategies.

Maybe this is a chunk of Comet NEAT. Did you know you can buy Comet NEAT T-shirts on the Internet?