Which Is Better: COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity Or Infection Immunity?

An often quoted misconception is that vaccination offers less protection than infection induced immunity.

An overlooked aspect here is that not vaccinating is actually an implied choice of taking higher risks, because the infection may cause complications and damage to various organs. Those include blood clots, lung damage, neurological complications (brain fog), anosmia (loss of smell), heart inflammation, and more.

But even if we overlook the obvious, evidence so far points to vaccines being more effective than infection induced immunity.

Johns Hopkins University: vaccines offer better protection than infection.

University of Utah: infection induced immunity is very variable, with the vaccines being much less so.

The CDC data from August 2021 shows that those who are unvaccinated are twice as likely to be reinfected.

University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy explains that the CDC data from October show vaccines are 5 times better at protection than immunity.