Drupal Gets 14 Projects For Google's Summer Of Code

It is official: Drupal has 14 Summer of Code projects for 2006.

This is amazing, since Drupal came out #8 in the list, ahead of other open source projects, such as Joomla, Gentoo, Gaim, Mozilla, Eclipse, GNU and Debian.

This also means that Google will be investing $70,000 in Drupal.

Last year, I co-mentored three students, and got a Summer of Code 2005 T-Shirt. Two of last year's students that I co-mentored (The Amazing Angela and Fabulous Fabiano) are mentors in their own right this year!

Here is a list of all the projects per organization (thanks to Owen).

25  asf         Apache Software Foundation
25  psf         Python Software Foundation
24  kde         KDE
23  ubuntu      Ubuntu & Bazaar
20  gnome       GNOME
16  mono        The Mono Project
14  freebsd     FreeBSD Project
14  drupal      Drupal <========================== HERE IT IS
13  gentoo      Gentoo
12  gaim        Gaim
12  mofo        The Mozilla Foundation
11  mythtv      MythTV
11  eclipse     Eclipse
10  boost       Boost
10  nmap        Nmap Security Scanner
10  google      Google
10  jabber      Jabber Software Foundation
10  ruby        Ruby Central, Inc.
10  gnu         The GNU Project
 9  haskell     Haskell.org
 9  debian      Debian
 8  netbsd      NetBSD
 7  wine        The Wine Project
 7  crystal     Crystal Space
 7  php         PHP
 7  pgsql       PostgreSQL Project
 7  gimp        GIMP
 6  joomla      Joomla!
 6  django      Django (Lawrence Journal-World)
 6  adium       Adium
 6  samba       Samba
 6  bbc         BBC Research
 6  gcc         GCC
 6  xiph        Xiph.org
 6  ogre        OGRE
 6  suse        openSUSE
 6  ooo         OpenOffice.org
 6  winlibre    WinLibre
 5  ffmpeg      FFmpeg
 5  xmms2       XMMS2
 5  glass       Project Looking Glass
 5  handhelds   Handhelds.org
 5  abisource   AbiSource
 5  beagle      Beagle
 5  tpf         The Perl Foundation
 5  osvdb       Open Security Foundation (OSVDB)
 5  svn         Subversion
 5  olpc        One Laptop Per Child
 5  fef         The Free Earth Foundation
 5  moodle      Moodle
 5  clamav      ClamAV
 4  osdl        Open Source Development Labs (OSDL)
 4  irssi       Irssi
 4  detached    Detached Solutions
 4  fedora      The Fedora Project
 4  psu         Portland State University
 4  mars        Mars Space Flight Facility
 4  plmath      PlanetMath
 4  freenet     The Free Network Project
 4  shmoo       The Shmoo Group
 4  osuosl      Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL)
 4  cockos      Cockos Incorporated
 4  gallery     Gallery
 4  xwiki       XWiki
 4  cc          Creative Commons
 4  lanka       Lanka Software Foundation (LSF)
 4  argo        ArgoUML
 4  inkscape    Inkscape
 3  wxwidgets   wxWidgets
 3  fsij        The Free Software Initiative of Japan
 3  plone       Plone Foundation
 3  internet2   Internet2
 3  llvm        The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
 3  monotone    Monotone
 3  moinmoin    MoinMoin
 3  bric        Bricolage
 3  ardour      Ardour
 3  xorg        Xorg
 3  blender     Blender
 3  intarch     Internet Archive
 3  cuwin       CUWiN Wireless Project
 3  nmi         The University of Texas at Austin: RTF New Media Initiative
 3  etherboot   Etherboot Project
 3  ohiolink    OhioLINK
 3  daisy       Daisy CMS
 3  refract     Refractions Research
 3  xensource   XenSource
 3  codehaus    Codehaus
 3  dojo        Dojo
 3  lispnyc     LispNYC
 3  livejournal LiveJournal
 3  reactos     ReactOS
 3  oscar       Open Source Cluster Application Resources (OSCAR)
 3  umich       University of Michigan Aerospace Engineering & Space Science Departments
 3  osaf        Open Source Applications Foundation
 3  horde       Horde
 2  jxta        JXTA
 2  scons       SCons
 2  cups        Common Unix Printing System
 2  wikim       Wikimedia Foundation
 2  opsol       OpenSolaris
 2  icu         ICU

Also, here is a list of all the accepted Drupal projects:

Student Project Mentors
flk Views Scheduler Earl Miles, John VanDyk
Aron Novak Social Networking Analysis (SNA) Tool Károly Négyesi, Thomas Narres
Avi Mehta AJAX Form Creator Nedjo Rogers, Jeff Robbins
Daniel Gutekunst The ultimate LaTeX module Nicholas James Ivy, David Kent Norman
Ernest Delgado Collaborative Editor Vladimir Zlatanov, Matt Westgate
Jeremy Epstein Import / export API module Adriaan Rossouw, Sami Khan
Konstantin Käfer Administration usability improvements Nick Lewis, Ruben D. Canlas Jr.
Lê Xuân Hùng Multi-site administration through rich XUL client Sugree Phatanapherom, Alan Evans
Phani K Arava ImageMagick Integration Stefan Nagtegaal, Heine Deelstra
Robert H Wohleb Assignment/Gradebook Bill Fitzgerald, Marc Poris
Rok Žlender Unit test automation Thomas Ilsche, Moshe Weitzman
Scott Reynolds Content Recommendation Engine Theodore Serbinski, Jeff Eaton
Sumit Datta GData module Mark Janssen, Fabiano Parolin Sant'Ana
Wolfgang Ziegler CCK-Profile Module Owen Barton, Khalid Baheyeldin

Together with Owen Barton, I will be mentoring Wolfgang Ziegler on CCK Profile module

Read more at Robert Douglass' blog, as well as his Summer of Code article on Digg, .