Ruby On Rails Content Managment Systems

Ruby as a "quick and easy interpreted scripting language for object oriented development" did not really pick up until the Ruby On Rails (RoR) platform started taking off.It was only a matter of time for full-fledged Content Management Systems  (CMS) based on Ruby on Rails to emerge.Here is a list of a few I found out, still the early stages.

  • RadiantCMS, licensed under the MIT License. It seems at a very early stage though, but has a small library of "third party behaviors" (modules/plugins), and templating is via special markup (check the demo).
  • RailsFrog is another RoR CMS in the early stages as well. They need programmers, and Drupal's Ber Kessels is on board there.




There's also Mephisto.

read more about it here.

I couldn't get it to work, but it seems like it's a simple replacement for Typo, the blogging tool, but when I try to think of what that means I think of Radiant, so perhaps it will be a more complete, yet simple solution.

Radiant looks cool

I haven't tried out RailFrog yet (if Ber's working on it, tho, it must be pretty good), but I had a look at the demo site for RadiantCMS, and I was very impressed!

Like you said, Radiant is still in the early stages of development. But despite being somewhat lacking in features, I was blown away by the simplicity, ease-of-use, and usefulness of its core administrative function of adding pages to a site.

I for one will be keeping my eye on both of these emerging CMSes, and on Radiant in particular.

Blush ...

The fact that I am working on something is no guarantee.

For one I (we) am working on the admin area. Screenshots here.

And the functionality and concept is very similar to Radiant. Though I am not very familiar with Radient, what I have seen, it hardly differs right now.