Conspiracy theories on three undersea cable cuts affecting the internet

Over the span of a few days, three undersea cables were cut in different areas of the world. Two in the Mediterranean, and another in the Perisan Gulf.

The site of the first cut is 8 km away from Alexandria, and was cut on January 30 by a wayard ship anchor. The third cut is 56 km from Dubai. The cause of that latter cut was not confirmed.

These cuts have affected Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran and India.

The number of cuts, the timing and the countries affected all helped fuel suspicions and conspiracies that these are intentional.

Copper cables can be tapped into without disruption of the service, but fiber optics is another matter.

The Seawolf class submarine USS Jimmy Carter is said to be able to do wiretapping on fiber optics. Some think that the NSA has to create a diversion to tap into the cable at another place. Other linked it to complaints by MI5 that they can't tap into internet telephony, Others wondered how can cables with steel armor and kevlar sheath be cut that easily, in three incidents.

While I am no subscriber to conspiracy theories, the above are all valid points.



Fifth cable has been cut

Now, a fifth cable has been cut in the Persian Gulf, affecting Iran.

Something is going on. Maybe it is inconveniencing a country or group of countries, or concentrating traffic to be easily monitored.
Khalid Baheyeldin