Wacom Intuos 4 table works with Kubuntu Linux 9.10 and 10.04

My daughter Suhaila likes to draw and paint.

She wanted to get a tablet that she can draw with, without the awkwardness of using a mouse for a task that is better handled by a pen.

So, when Staples had a $50 off sale ($249.99) on the Wacom Intuos 4 (Small) tablet, there was finally a chance to get it at a lower cost.

We tend to buy higher dollar items from BestBuy, because of the Reward Zone points. BestBuy had the tablet for $329.99, and asking for a price match make them sell it for Staples' price.

The nice surprise was that there was one open box item, and they let it go for just $200!

Yet a nicer surprise was that this tablet worked straight with Kubuntu Linux 9.10 and 10.04, with no configuration at all.

She uses the GIMP to draw, and I hope we can see some of her handy work posted on the internet sometime soon.



Not sure

Not sure.

Will ask her.

Wacom Intuos pen pressure works with both GIMP and Inkscape

Here is an update...

So far I have the pressure working and the tilt is set up (haven't tested it yet). It was as simple as enabling it in GIMP. Here is what I did:

Go to: Edit > Preferences > Input Devices > Configure Extended Input Devices...
Then from the drop down, set the following to "Screen":
- Wacom Intuos4 4x6
- Wacom Intuos4 4x6 eraser
- Wacom Intuos4 4x6 cursor

And that's it! You can edit the various pressure and tilt fields if you like. (I found the above info on the GIMP forum although it has waaay more detail than I ever needed since my tablet worked as soon as I plugged it in. Here is the link anyway).

As for Inkscape. Yes it does work. The setup is almost exactly like GIMP.
Go to: File > Input Devices...
Set the fields like in GIMP.

I was able to get the calligraphy pen to draw with various thicknesses depending on how much pressure I apply with the pen.

I'll be trying out the tablet more over the next while and will post updates as I discover things.

A sketchpad for tablet

Hi ardesia 0.4 is out now you can also use a pressure sensitive drawing tablet
as input device and make presentation exporting your work in pdf

You can also use a wiimote whiteboard


Let’s try it


If you and/or your kid likes to paint. I'd HIGHLY recommend MyPaint. Te OSS project for drawing and painting. Used by the OSS Art Director, David Revoy: http://www.davidrevoy.com/portfolio.html who worked on "Sintel." MyPaint is amazing with a Wacom! And for that matter, if you want to "hand draw" some animations try OSS application Pencil as well. Available in the Ubuntu Software Center!

I hope it works on Debian

I hope it works on Debian too. I need a graphics tablet to learn drawing.