Slashdot's Downward Slope Continues: Ignorance Of Icons/Logos

Slashdot is a news web site for technology and nerds alike that has been active for over two decades.

The site changed ownership a few times. The current owners employed young moderators who were not around when the site was still privately owned and managed by the same team who created it.

One glaring example of the disconnect between the current moderators, and the site's history is the total ignorance on what the icons and logs attached to stories mean.

Here are a few examples from recent months:

In a story about neutrinos from the Sun, the moderators used the logo for Sun Microsystems, which no longer exists and was bought by Oracle!

In another story about Active Matrix OLEDs, the logo was the Blue Pill/Red Pill from The Matrix movie!

And on a story about Microsoft banning the Confederate Flag in games, the logo of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as a generic "digital" tag. And again in an article about Joe Biden's Digital Campaign, and an early German computer.

CmdrTaco must be crying himself to sleep every day ...