iPods compound thunderstorm dangers

A 37-year old man was jogging in Vancouver, B.C. while having an iPod strapped to his bidy and the speakers in his ears. When an adjacent tree was struck by lightening, the lightening jumped and struck him.

The result was disastrous. Not only was the man thrown off 2.4 meters from the tree, but he suffered ruptured ear drums, dislocated jaws, and first and second degree burns on his chest, where the iPod was strapped. The burns were up his ear channel as well. His feet had burns and his sneakers were blown up as the electric shock exited his body to the ground.

The iPod did not cause the injury, but made the damage from it much worse, caused by a combination of sweat on the body and metal earphone.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Via CBC.



The iPod can not be

The iPod can not be specifically blamed. ANY personal audio equipment would have the same result. In scientific thought, there is always an exception, meaning not every incident falls under the same bell curve as "normal." As if it were the fault of all iPods!?