Another sad case from India scammed of $13,400

Here is another case of someone from Hyderabad, India, who was scammed of 700,000 Indian Rupees, which is the equivalent of almost $13,400 US Dollars.

Moreover, this was all borrowed money.

He writes:

sir , i have been trapped into this and i lost 7 lakhs .. i didn't know anything about this . and i almost registered a case by cyber crime and it tooked nearly 2 months and still no response .. that all money was borrowed by my relatives and i have to pay them back very soon... please if anything can happen by you.. help me...
i am an student of degree and i stay at santoshnagar hyderabad ..



What's happening in India.

What's happening in India. This is such a ashamed work .

How Sad this story

It is very sad may god help you sir


Such a sad tale I must confess. Something urgent needs to be done to stem the tide of. Cyber crime by all means.

So sad

It is very sad may god help you Brother