Internet Hoax: Facebook to delete inactive users

There are lots of hoaxes floating around on the internet. They are often not propagated by technically savvy people.

However, here is one hoax that comes as a message from Facebook. The sad part is that it was sent to me by a computer engineer.

It claims that Facebook is becoming slow and that the alleged reason is lots of inactive members. If you do not forward it to 15 others, your account will be deleted!

A typical chain letter in the social networking age ...

Facebooks becomes very slow, the reason is that too many non-active members. We are sending this message today to see if members are active or not.

Please send this mesage to 15 other users, using Copy and Paste functions to show that you are active.

Who does not send this message within 2 weeks, will be deleted to make room for active members.

Do not refer to those who we send to you, we know they are active.



What's surprising is our

What's surprising is our gullibility in believing this and other hoaxes.

Is this a chain message only?

Is this really true? It can slow down the use of Facebook? How come? what is the relevant or connection of these on the inactive members? Is this a chain message only? what if I download this? what will happen?