Snow fall in the United Arab Emirates?

For the first time in living memory, UAE sees snow fall. Normally known for temperatures of 50+ C in summer, one would not associate "snow" and "UAE" in once sentence. However, the amazing thing did happen. You can read what AFP reported, as well as what BBC reported. Both have pictures.Although a relative said that Alexandria got snow 2 years ago, it was a mistranslation. He meant "hail". There was a specially bad day where hail accumulated in the streets in January 2002.



I live in the UAE.

I live in the UAE. You don't know how strange was that. It was a shock to us all. Temperatures in Dubai where at least 7 degrees below average.

Snow here too

Hi Ahmed
This last week we've had freak weather here too in Portugal, it even snowed in Porto (!!), and now huge storms.
Hope you took the chance to see the snow, it's beautiful :)