USA Presidential Elections 2004: The World does a Shadow Vote

The elections for president in the USA will happen tomorrow, Tuesday November 2, 2004. While there is no clear winner can be predicted so far, the rest of the world has decided who they want.There are many shadow votes and international votes out there. Start by taking a look at Global Vote 2004 who predict that John F. Kerry would win in all regions of the globe with a wide margin (77% to 71% of total) over George W. Bush (14.8% to 7.9%). The Middle East statistics are an anomaly putting Kerry at 45.6% and Bush at 37%, but the sample size is very small. Then visit Beta Vote, and enter your vote if you have not done so. They give you a break down by country, with most voting Kerry, a few breaking even, and yet fewer pro-Bush (I would have never imagined that Niger is pro-Bush by a 51% margin). The overall percentages are Kerry 88% and Bush 11%.From a US citizen professor living abroad, Andrew Tannenbaum, started Electoral Vote Predictor based on statistical analysis. He writes about himself and why he started this web site in his Vote Master FAQ. You can also read a lively Slashdot discussion of this web site.Of course, what matters is how many Americans will turn out tomorrow, and who they will vote for.