Weather: More harsh weather

Another cold spell, or rather more deep freeze. Temperature as I type this (Thursday 15 January) is -23 Celsius. With wind chill factor, it feels like -32, with risk of frost bite.When I was leaving work, there was this frost on the inside of the car's windshield. This is very annoying. Had to scrape it off with an old CD that I keep in the glove box for this purpose. I had this happen to me two years ago. It is on days which are very cold, and very sunny. The car traps heat and moisture in it (on the floor mats, ...etc) evaporates, then it hits the extremely cold glass and condenses on it, and turns into a thin sheet of ice, adhering very firmly to the glass. It helps to park the car facing West, so at least if this happens, then the north and east side are the ones that have it but the wind shield would not.On Friday, there were ice crystals suspended in the air, glittering when the sun hits them. This also caused a nice rainbow to form in the morning.Temperature is supposed to go back to more seasonal norms by tomorrow.Last week we had a lot of snow as well. With some falling every day.Here is an exceprt from Environment Canada advisory for our area:

Kitchener - Cambridge - region of Waterloo8:52 PM est Thursday 15 January 2004Wind chill warning forKitchener - Cambridge - region of Waterloo continued Wind chills of minus 30 to minus 40 tonight into Friday morning.This is a warning that extreme wind chill conditions are imminent orOccurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions.Listen forupdated statements.Bitterly cold Arctic air has tightened its frigid grip on Southern Ontario. Northerly winds associated with this Arctic air will cause cold to extreme wind chills over much of the district as well as snowsqualls off of Lake Huron into Sarnia and Lambton County. Windchill values will range from minus 30 to minus 40 Across the warned areas.Extreme wind chills of the minus mid forties are quite possible over eastern Ontario as the air will be even colder there than over south-central Ontario.Caution is strongly advised when being outdoors as frostbite on exposed skin may occur in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.