Weather: Yet more harsh weather

Yesterday, it was a complete white out while going home. A slow and dangerous drive. I had to cancel an appointment, because I did not feel like going out again in this weather.By late evening, the driveway was completely covered with snow about 20 cm deep, and more in certain places, because it was very windy, and snow was blowing around.I shovelled for about 40 minutes, knowing that I will have to do it all over again in the morning. I was so tired when I was done, and so over heated. The house felt like an oven when I went in.This morning, I had to shovel all of it again. Then go and take a shower to wash all the sweat! The snow plow did not show up yet, so I have to do it in the afternoon again!And so I did! The car would not go in until I removed that icy pellety stuff that the plow deposits on the drive way!