Canadians FOR Global Warming?

Considering the recent spat of extremely low temperatures, even by Southern Ontario's standards, why not support Global Warming?If you consider that some climate prediction studies say that temperatures could rise by as much as 11C, this is good news for Canadians!We should start by pressuring the government to reject the Kyoto agreement, and lobby other countries to do the same. We should encourage the consumption of fossil fuel, and the production of green house gases.We should also start an awareness campaign by reviving those (previously) tongue in cheek bumper stickers saying "Canadians for Global Warming".Soon, our climate will be warm and nice, just like Southern California or the Eastern Mediterranean.



A web site comes to life

One and a half years later, someone independently picks up the idea and sets up a web site and a merchandise, including a bumper sticker.

A.D. Skies sent me the following:

Funny that you should mention it, but bumper stickers, etc., with "Canadians For Global Warming" are available in conjuntion with the release of our new cartoon of the same name.

The cartoon can be watched on Youtube, and the web site is

ummm, im not too sure you

ummm, im not too sure you understand the cycle of climate change here. If the temperature hits its top, the weather patterns will create the second ice age...wiping out the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE! im sure thats exactly what you want.