First Snow Storm in Southern Ontario for 2005

Last week on Friday on November 18, we had our first snow fall, blanketing everything in white. It did not last long, and all melted the next day.Yesterday, we have a winter snow storm in earnest, with snow squalls, slippery roads, and snow plows on the road. The amount of snow is not that much compared to other storms in Southern Ontario, but the winds are very strong and the snow is blowing all around.According to The Weather Channel forecast on Thursday, South Western Ontario got off easy compared to the area east of Toronto, where the bulk of the storm was supposed to hit.  However, when I check it today, it says 1 cm of snow in Toronto, and 5 cm here.In one area, where I was driving home in a road adjacent to a large field, the blowing snow caused me to drive in zero visibility for a few seconds. That was quite scary. Luckily, there were no cars near me at the time. On Friday Nov 25 morning, it was just like a big storm in January. There was at least 15 cm of snow on the ground, which I had to shovel with my daughter before driving out to work/school.By Saturday morning, total accumulation was over 30 cm, just like a late December storm! This is way to much for November. Makes one wonders why you are in Southern Ontario, while you can go to the city with mildest weather in Canada.The only silver lining was that Salma enjoyed playing in the snow, and cracked up in laughter when I smacked a snowball at her, like it is the funniest thing that she ever saw. She did the same, and even excitedly told her mom and older sisters when she went back in the house that she threw snow at dad's clothes and camera!