Is the Flanders/Wallonia divide similar to the Canada/Quebec one?

An Associated Press article about Belgium, Belgians vote on future, united country in doubt drew some parallels of the Quebec separatist movement and their relationship with Canada.

Here you have a country split between two linguistic group. The smaller group is not too small to be insignificant, yet cannot be a majority either. They are localized in one area of the country, because of historical and geopolitical reasons. They happen to be Francophone too. Lots of money is going from the majority region to the minority region. The minority is more left leaning than the majority.

There are differences though. The linguistic minority in Canada have a significant segment who want to separate. In Belgium, the Wallons do not want to separate. It is the majority Flemish who want to cut them loose.

While in the past, it was Flemish political extremists that pushed for separating from the Francophone Wallonia, now a centrist government could be the one putting this on the table for a vote.

This will be interesting to watch ...




This still is interesting to watch

This still is interesting to watch!
After 250 days there is still no new government. The Belgians made it into the Guinness Book of World records, they defeated the Iraqi. Isn't that a reason to celebrate and drink lots of Belgian beer?!