The Cost of Experience: Furnace repair bill

I saw this a while back, and thought that it raises a good point: the cost of experience! 

A furnace repairman coming to a home and after looking at the furnace for about a minute and a half, listening to the rumbles and gurgles. He takes his hammer out and at once precise place he hits the furnace. The furnace starts up and runs fine as if it was brand new.

The bill was $200.

The homeowner asks why so much when all he did was hit it once with a hammer?

The repairman takes back the bill, and itemizes the bill still totaling $200.

                      Cost of hammering, $1
                      Knowing where to Hammer $199



The furnace Book by Paul E. King

Every good installer knows that most repairs on new furnaces come from installation mistakes or errors.
I started my own business now and I have only once to go back on a job for repairs in the last year.
Knowledge and longevity in the field is what you want to hire.
You may have the best furnace made in the USA and if it is not installed correctly, the quality of the furnace means little.

The Furnace Book by Authorhouse books

Hello, first I want to say thanks for posting my comment on your webpage.
There are many good furnaces on the market and some get caught up in the name brand game.
It would usually behoove homeowners to hire a State licensed contractor that has insurance and experience with all the right credentials.
I see that you were not able to verify that it was actually me (Paul E. King) that wrote the comments. If you want to you may call me at 419-655-3925 for verification?
Thank you once again, Paul