Jewish ancestry as a slander: Che Guevara as a recent example

Over the years, I have seen many people getting "accused" of having Jewish ancestry by their political adversaries. This tactic is used to discredit the person, throw doubts on their loyalty, and attribute undefined ulterior motives for their often controvertial actions.

These rumors are appealing to the masses because it offers a simple (wrong) answer to complex questions (actions of leaders).

People that I have seen in the Arab region and the Middle East accused of this include:

  • Gamal Abdel Nasser, leader of the military coup in Egypt 1952, and later president and ruthless dictator. He abolished the political system and parliament, nationalized many companies, revoked land ownership by the rich, threw the economy into a recession, lost the Six Day War in 1967, oppressed countless people in prison and much more.
  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, notorious for abolishing the Ottoman rule and the remnants of the Muslim Caliphates, suppressing religion in Turkey, changing the writing system from Arabic based script to a Latin based one, and much more.
  • The Royal family of Jordan, descendants of the Sharifs of Makkah, whose King Hussein was an ally of Israel when most Arab countries were not. See the accusation here (Arabic).
  • The Al-Saud Royal family of Saudi Arabia, who historically supported the puritan Wahhabi movement, and invaded neighboring areas.
  • Yasser Arafat, revolutionary and resistance leader, as well as ineffective president of the Palestinian Authority.
  • Saddam Hussein, president and dictator of Iraq.
  • Marawan Hamada, Lebanese politician and cabinet minister. Accused of tipping Israel on the whereabouts of Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hizbulla during the Israel/Lebanon war in 2006.
  • Youssef Wali, Egyptian politician, minister of Agriculture and vice prime minister for a long time. Accused of importing from Israel many crops and cultivars as well as importing cancer inducing pesticides into Egypt in a conspiracy.
  • Fidel Castro, Cuba's revolutionary, president and dictator.

Che Guevara

However, what prompted me to write this is not to do with the Arab region at all.

A story in circulation now by email claims that Che Guevara, the South American revolutionary leader and cult icon in the 1960s had a Jewish mother. Not only that, but that his cousin is Ariel Sharon himself, ruthless military leader, and hard line ex-prime minister of Israel.

His mother was Celia de la Serna Llosa. The rumor says she her parents are Russian Jews and she left to Argentina for reasons unknown. This rumor originated as an anonymous article in Russian. It is now making the rounds in Spanish in South America.

It is funny and sad to see how one's biases shape their view.

In this case, A pro-Zionist blogger translates choice quotes from the article, not approving any of it, lamenting the anti-Israel tone in it. Meanwhile, another blog opposing Israel sees this as Israeli propaganda!

Even Al Ahram, a leading newspaper in Egypt found it worthwhile to report on this story. They show a picture of the iconic Guevara with a beard and beret, but with the face of Ariel Sharon in the picture. To their credit, they correctly point to several sources who discredit the rumor. These include a Tel Aviv University professor who wrote a biography of Guevara. Another is Omri, son of Ariel Sharon who says no such great aunt of his exist. Another is the manager of the Guevara museum in Cuba, and the head of the Jewish community in Cuba as well.

It should also be noted that Guevara's maternal grandparents are Juan Martín de la Serna Ugalde [Serna] b. 1871, and Edelmira de la Llosa [Llosa] b. 1880?. These cannot be Russian nor Jewish names.




Che Guevara could be of jewish descend

Che Guevara was promoted by Fidel and he refused the new rank, preferring to wear the red five-star on his beret. The red five-point star has been a long standing symbol of Russia's Jewish Zionism--the emblem of Bolshevism.
Che Guevara is seen in one of the video footage taken somewhere in Cuba before the Revolution victory, with a prayer mantel normally used by Jews.
Che Guevara was a doctor in medicine, a profession attained only by the well-to-do families of Argentina. The Jews settlers were in Argentina long before the "conquistadors" began to settle in great numbers. They were traders and very influential in all sorts of business and daily life of those days.
Che Guevara looks very Jewish.

This is my point of view and understanding.

el che was jewish say kadish after him

you have to be jewish to do what he did.
like trozky ,einstein,bob dylan ,and generalisimo franco.
jews are born to change history.

hasta la victoria siempre !

Oy vey! Only via the

Oy vey! Only via the bloodshed of innocent people. Yes. Yes. Yesss.

Born to change history for

Born to change history for the worst!

Trotsky! Killer! Einstein! Fraud and thief! Bob Dylan! Corrupted the youth! And Franco wasn't even Jewish you putz! But the rest yes, they changed history alright for the worst!

Che Gevara looks very jewish....

although Che is gorgeous and I would have loved for him to be Jeiwh... another Jew who moves mointains etc...Big complememt. I must say:
THE five point star on his barette - not jewish. communist. jewish star has 6 points not five.
THE fact that he was a doctor of medicine- yes I know, all jews are doctors (except for my husband for some reason)still not proof of his judaism.
THE prayer mantle...maybe he found it and used it as a scarf. when I was a teen It was the style to wear a Kafiyya (arab headdress) as a scarf, skirt, shirt, bag.....that didn't make any of us Arab..
sorry. wished he was Jewish but looks like he is part Spaniard part Irish... he does have Irish rakish good looks...
Ohwell. Almost had another famous one in our midst. maybe next time...

Jewish = Talmudist.

Jewish = Talmudist.
Communist = Talmudist.
Communist = Jewish.

che guevara

Are there photos of Che wearing a talit? If so publish them. Also that red ID card could have easily been faked. More facts are needed =- like decendents of his mother's family coming forward.

Che Guevara

Che's actual ancestry is almost entirely Spanish/Irish; certainly not Jewish:

Don Juan Ponce de León y Ayala 2° Conde de Arcos (de la Frontera)
testó Marchena (Sevilla) 10.IX.1469
Doña Catalina González de Oviedo
Don Eutropo Ponce de León, Comendador de Almendralejo
Doña Catalina de Vera Zurita
Doña Violante Ponce de León
Don Ruy Díaz de Guzmán y Riquelme
Don Alonso Riquelme de Guzmán y Ponce de León, Capitán del Adelantado Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Río de la Plata (1540)
oo 1550
Doña Úrsula de Irala, dau of Don Domingo Martínez de Irala and Doña Leonor Moquiracé, dau of Moquiracé, Cacique guaraní
Doña Catalina de Vera y Guzmán
Don Gerónimo López de Alanís
Don Rodrigo Ponce de León
Doña Isabel Naharro Humanes de Molina
Doña María Ponce de León y Naharro
Don Agustín de Labayen
Doña Juana de Labayen Ponce de León
Don Gaspar de Avellaneda y Gaona
Doña María Rosa de Avellaneda y Labayen
Don Juan de San Martín
Doña Francisca Javiera de San Martín Avellaneda
Don Marcos José de Riglos
Doña María Francisca de Riglos San Martín
Don Mariano de Zavaleta
Doña María Isabel de Zavaleta Riglos
Don Patricio Lynch
Don Francisco de Paula Eustaquio Lynch Zavaleta, Cónsul de Argentina en San Francisco (California)
oo 1.VIII.1854
Doña Eloísa Ortiz
*Santiago de Chile 16.VII.1834
+Buenos Aires 10.VII.1913
Doña Ana Isabel Lynch y Ortiz
*San Francisco (California) 25.VI.1861
oo Buenos Aires 3.XII.1884
Don Roberto de Guevara y Castro, Ingeniero
*California 28.VI.1855
+Buenos Aires 18.VI.1918
Don Ernesto Guevara Lynch, Empresario
Doña Celia de la Serna y Llosa
Ernesto 'CHE' Guevara
*Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina 14.VI.1928
+La Higuera, Vallegrande, Bolivia 9.X.1967

I see that these posts are a

I see that these posts are a few years old, but guess what people? Whoever wrote these stupid comments did not know that there are tons of Spanish Jews for crying out loud. Yes, de la Serna is a very Jewish name. The de la Sernas and Sernas were Sephardic Jews from Spain. So, read your history a little closer people. I am one so I should know.