No Justice: Pol Pot ,Ta Mok and Stalin

Not all people who do wrong pay the price for their crimes.Once recent example is Ta Mok of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, known as "The Butcher".Ta Mok was directly responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people. Upon his death, hundreds showed up to pay respect for a man who was responsible for many atrocities. The Khmer Rouge regime was responsible for at least a million deaths, and countless other horrors from dislocating the population and evacuation of the cities. If one thinks about Pol Pot himself, responsible for countless deaths, he was spared what should have been his deserved, a long humilating trial followed by the death penalty. If one thinks of a more brutal dictator, Joseph Stalin, and his cruel policies, such as the Great Purge, one wonders why he got a state funeral, and reverance.Many a dictator escapes punishment for their crimes.Sad ...  



u can add Osama and

u can add Osama and Al-Bashir in the list.....

Not yet

They are not dead yet. Look at how Saddam's last few years were. It is not over for them just yet.
Khalid Baheyeldin