Bush policy in Iraq face tough options

An analysis on the BBC lists the bitter options facing the Bush administration as on what to do with the Iraq quagmire.

  • There are four distinct wars in Iraq:
    • Islamist jihadists against the USA
    • Nationalist militants against the USA
    • Shia militants against Sunnis
    • Sunni militants against Shia
  • The options so are are:
    • Withdraw. This will only cause the violence to escalate, and perhaps a full scale civil ware.
    • Increase the troops in Iraq. Public support may be limited and Congress may not approve the budget.
    • Threaten to leave, in order to pressure the Iraqi government. That may not work, and the insurgents will see it as a victory.
    • Negotiate with the insurgents. Unlikely.
    • Divide Iraq into 3 autonomous states. This will cause all the conspiracy theorists who said this will happen be proven right.
    • Continue what is being done today. Seems not to have worked, so why would it work in the future.

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