Pepsi and politics in the news

Seems like carbonated sugar water is making news in politics again.Earlier, I reported on how six states in India banning Coca Cola and Pepsi caused the US government to warn India about the effect of those decisions on investment from American companies.Today, Pepsi announced that an Indian born woman, Indra Nooyi is to become CEO of the company.In the past, Nooyi has made comments at a graduation ceremony where she said that the USA is the middle finger, and when it extends a hand to other nations, it should appear as a helping hand, not just extending a finger.The right wing blogosphere seems to be upset with such a comment, and called for a boycott of Pepsi products.They renewed their attack today on Pepsi after Nooyi was announced to be the new CEO. Perhaps Pepsi's blue color and Coca Cola's red has something to do with it?