Should the Egyptian Military stage another coupe?

The BBC has an article on how the Military in Egypt is still seen as a savior and hopes for it to intervene. This even comes from educated classes and intellectuals, not just the general populace.

If the "hereditary scenario" plays out, where Gamal Mubarak being installed as president in a "charade dressed up as a democratic vote", some are hoping for the army to interfere and prevent such a thing from happening.

One of the issues is that "for nearly three decades ... Mubarak has prevented development of a mature political system in the name of stability".

Others see the army as a guarantor of democracy, like the army in Turkey used to be, often to the exclusion of certain wings from politics.

However, Tharwat Okasha, one of the Free Officers who staged the 1952 coupe warns sternly against a repeat of such a mistake:

He delivered a damning verdict on the consequences of the officers' involvement in politics. Would he have taken part in the 1952 movement if he had known the consequences? The answer was categorical.

"I would never have participated, never," Dr Okasha responds in a defensive manner.

A warning from history then to those who think that soldiers can still sort out politics.

I agree that the army should stay out of politics.