What is going on: A "September 11 Security Fee" ...

I never bothered to look at the details of an airline ticket before. Today, I was booking a flight, and found the following breakdown of taxes, fees and charges.Taxes, Fees and ChargesCanada Airport Improvement Fee 20.00 U.S.A Transportation Tax 35.80 U.S Agriculture Fee 5.93 Canada Security Charge 7.94 U.S Passenger Facility Charge 5.33 Canada Goods and Services Tax 20.58 September 11 Security Fee 2.96 U.S.A Immigration User Fee 8.30Well, the Canada airport improvement fee is a bit high, but the US "transportation tax" is considerably higher.The dreaded GST that all Canadians loved to hate is there on the high side too. Among the other nonsensical fees is the "US agriculture fee".However, the cake goes to the "September 11 Security Fee". Although this is the least from an absolute dollar figure value, it is just mind boggling. Does this fee ensures that we never get a September 11 again? Is it a fee imposed after September 11? For what? Well, the answer is from the Department of Transportation web site. It is a fee that will be used "to implement new aviation security measures". Also it "will help pay for passenger and baggage screeners, security managers and law enforcement personnel at airports, as well as other aviation security efforts, such as the purchase of explosive detection systems". This added up to $900 million in fiscal year 2002. Why name it September 11 at all? Why not name it "additional security measures", or "project More Security"?The answer at least partially is that no one in their right mind would disagree with anything dubbed "September 11". It is only patriotic to support such initiatives, isn't it?



What I find more mind

What I find more mind boggling is that the Canada Security Charge is more than the September 11 Fee.

The September 11 Security Fee?

I was just booking a flight to the states when i saw there was a $2.50 September 11th Securtity Fee. I actually had no idea what it was and your little post here explained it to me so thankyou. I actually cannot believe they called it that and you've hit the nail on the head. I'm from england where patriotism is still rampant and thats great, but no one does patriotism like americans. I'm not yank-bashing here, but you always know when there's an american living in Britain because theres a massive american flag out the front. I think thats great to be proud of your nationality even to the expense of the aesthetic quality of your house, but for their government to foster this sense of national injury only to use it to their benefit for things like this fee sucks balls. I reckon the fear-mongering of the press is enough for them to pay it without upset even it was just called the "additional security fee". I refuse to believe americans are so stupid they don't appreciate what security means on air travel without having September 11th rubbed in their faces at every opportunity.

B.S. Security fee

This is a perfect example of how people in power can use the imposed fear of a country to control them. Label it 911 and it won't be questioned... The TSA is completely unnecessary, people who want to raise hell on a plane can board it like any other passenger. We are being sold a false sense of security that costs the passengers money, their time spent at the security checkpoints, and the humility of semi disrobing themselves and their belongings. Last month I witnessed an elderly person having a hard time at security while they could hardly bend over to take off their shoes. I stayed and watched in aw when they took them aside for additional searching. I asked to photograph but was not allowed. I'm ashamed to call myself american when I see the extent to which our country goes to control its citizens with the use of fear and distraction. I look forward to the day when it all falls apart and a better, less corrupt system of government finds us. I look forward to the day when the ignorance of our countries citizens no longer exists and there are enough of us to make a change.... I look forward to the day...

I find it amusing that as an

I find it amusing that as an international traveller who is not an American, I have to pay to stand longer in lines, open my shoes and belt and generally feel like I'm a refugee on a ship. Why are these expenses not paid for by americans. At the cost of sounding selfish - What do I care for American paranoia?


THEN DONT COME TO AMERICA! I DONT COME TO YOUR COUNTRY. Americans do pay these expense, that's why we are commenting on this site. But if I was to come to your country I would have to pay for the taxes that your country charges, so your agreement is void.

I find it "amusing" that you

I find it "amusing" that you seem to have been completely unfazed by September 11. I think that to avoid seeing ANY sort of attack happen again, whether it is in the US or in YOURS, we can all agree that standing in line a bit longer and paying a measly $2.50 is beyond reasonable. When I was in London during the time of the subway terrorist bombing, I was appalled that two weeks later I was allowed to pass through with my all of my luggage without it being inspected by anyone. The security officer even held the security gate open for me. Is it because I was a 17-year-old white girl? I don't know, but overall I don't know why more proper security measures in airports weren't put in place a looooong time ago, to be honest.

9-11 isn't the worst thing

9-11 isn't the worst thing that happened; far worse events have occurred.

Those who would give up

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety - Benjamin Franklin

Don't be an idiot. The TSA is an undermining of our personal liberty and freedom.

Attacks of that caliber and

Attacks of that caliber and greater happen in other countries around the world all the time. This is why people hate Americans. So many ignorant, culturally blind, ethnocentric loudmouths.

A nation is great until

A nation is great until its citizen stop fighting for their rights. I try to avoid the US or any other country that uses torture and don't respect my freedom of speech. That tax is not only imposed if I visit USA, it is also if the plane goes above the US.

I doubt that any plane was the cause for 9/11 as anyone should doubt by looking at the fact that there were never a public investigation of the worst terrorist event on the history of the United States. The fact that ground zero was extremely secretive, plus the fact that all the steel and material to get recycled or burried did not land anywhere around New-York, but in Germany should definitely ring a bell to anyone that is not insane.

Under the current fascist government (not the phony one that gets elected), you will be considered a potential terrorist if you write comments such as this one, if you watch Michael Moore or other obscene reasons.