Christian Linux? Fact and Humor

Ubuntu is a very popular Linux distribution. There are many variants, including Kubuntu (Ubuntu with a KDE desktop), Edubuntu (education oriented Ubuntu), ...etc.Now there is a new edition: Christian Ubuntu. No, it is not a joke. It is real. It includes the Bible, as well as web parental control software. Here is the announcement on the Ubuntu Forums.Of course, something like that would always invoke jokes, such as this blog called Ubuntu Christian Edition Facts. It clearly says that it is a joke. In the past, there has been jokes on Christian Linux, such as the Jesux hoax, available under Christian Software Public License. They miss the part about banning the chmod 666 filename command.Note that in the past, there are those who said that UNIX is the devil's work. There is also a Jewbuntu joke site, about a Jewish distribution.