Solution to Motorola Milestone/Droid phone when Android stops syncing with Gmail's email

So, over the past few days, I had an interesting issue with Android 2.1 (Eclair) on a Motorola Milestone.

Suddenly, it decided to stop syncing emails with Gmail. At the same time, syncing the calendar worked fine.

I tried solving this using by selecting another label, and then went back to the Inbox and it seemed to work, but in fact, it did not. It would show the correct number of unread messages, but the actual unread messages will be from an old sync. Very confusing.

Here is the solution:

Press Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications.

When you reach there, press Menu -> Filter -> All.

Scroll down to find "Gmail Storage", then click "Clear Data".

Confirm that scary looking dialog.

Things will be back to normal.




The Motorola Milestone Has Tons of Problems

Hey Mr. Khalid, this is your reader, Tommy, and I must say that both Droid and Motorola phones are extremely buggy, as I hate having to "jump" over those hurdles just to access an e-mail inbox that takes a few minutes to look through!

You'd think that with all of that money, time, and testing, they would FIX small problems like that, but when you're focused more on the money and less on the customer's satisfaction, software "bugs" is what you'll get!

If you don't believe me, ask Microsoft every time they release a new Windows, LOL...

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Tommy Anderson


It has been a tough year but for most of Motorola users have been clamoring about this problem. I stopped using my old Motorola gadget for it bugs a lot. I still have the problem of choosing what phone to use with the best results. Any suggestions?

I had it too

Tnx ! !

I cant send emails... what do

I cant send emails... what do I do about that. I can type them in and hit send but it will try to send for HOURS