Islamic Astronomy's Legacy In The Arabic Origin Of Modern Star Names

On Friday 11th of May, 2018, I gave the second part of my presentation on Islamic Astronomy's Legacy in Arabic Origin Of Modern Star Names. This was for the KW RASC.

Topics include

  • Arab pre-Islamic Folk Astronomy, including Asterisms, 'Anwaa', and 'Moon Stations'
  • Greek Tradition, via Ptolmey's Almagest
  • Some native Arab myths that persist in the stars (Sirius, Orion, Procyon, and Gomeisa)
  • The fusion of both traditions is the basis of our current star names
  • Problems with translation, transliteration, and mangling of names

Here is the presentation slides, and audio recording:

Hope you find it informative ...

The first part can be found at: Medieval Islamic Astronomy and its Influence on Renaissance Europe.