Weather: Freezing rain on trees makes for a great show

Yesterday and today, we had a feel of what is to come this winter. There was some freezing rain that made for a spectacular show today.

I was surprised today to see when the sun shone briefly, and saw that the trees are covered with a layer of ice, formed from freezing rain. While it is normal to see snow cling to the trees during winters and give them a white cover, this is the first time that I see everything covered with the ice from freezing rain. Some of it has started to melt and form icicles, giving the trees an appearance as if they are all covered with festive lights. A forest top was shining in the sun too, which made for a great show.

Moreover, the wind causes the ice on the trees to make a sound, similar to the rustling of leaves but more intense. Probably this was due to the flexible branches bending in the wind, while the ice coating them is rigid. That was fascinating too.

While no one is looking forward to freezing rain, nor shoveling of drive ways, this nice show makes up for some of the hardship to come.

Here are some pictures of the amazing show that we got so early this year, and an unusual sight, including a close up of a branch.