Freezing rain causes dangerous conditions

Today was one of the most dangerous day ever I have seen in Canada. Overnight, there was a lot of freezing rain. Since it was a normal school and work day, I had to go out and drop both daughters to school.I briefly explained freezing rain in another article. Freezing rain can also make for a spectacular nature show when trees are covered with shiny ice.This was not one of these days. First, the car slipped in the drive way when backing out of the garage. Luckily, it was stopped by the snow banks. I saw a Chinese looking man was walking on the sidewalk, and falling every few meters. The main streets have had enough traffic to be safe to drive on. However, the small crescent at the back of one school was very slippery. Kids would open the door of the car, and slip and fall on the ice. One woman in a van lost control and slammed in a snow bank, shattering it, and then proceeding to land on top of another snow bank. That crescent was also a car trap: it had two hills, one at each end. Cars could not go up the hills, and I ended up among 5 or 6 cars that could not go up either hill. It was really scary waiting there, since some drivers took risks, and I feared they would slam into my car after losing control on the ice. I had to wait about 40 minutes until the road was clear, so I can go back as far as I can and gather momentum enough to scale the hill.All that time, there were a bunch of kids from school who did not bother going to classes, and would rather stand on the sidewalk and watch the fun going on with cars. I roll down the window and ask the kids if they are enjoying this reality show?On some high buildings one could see and hear the sheets of ice separating and crashing in the street, like a huge sheet of glass.