PHP Tutorials on the internet

PHP is a free, multi platform computer programming language. It is most used to develop dynamic web sites that are more than static HTML pages. The language is very easy to learn and use, and has an extensive list of add ons that allow it to do all kinds of stuff, from storing data in databases, pulling data from other web sites, sending emails, and more.

PHP is often used with MySQL, which is a free SQL Relational database.

This language is used to power Drupal, the Content Management System that is used to run this web site. 

Here are some resources on the web for learning PHP and getting started with it:



I have been programing in

I have been programing in PHP for ages. I've started learning PHP language online (alone). I just wanted to say that the best place for PHP tutorials (for me) is . You can find there anything you want.

The usefulness of PHP

PHP is indeed a very used and common programming language,which is easy to learn, but hard to understand. Every program demands some specific experience to be used properly. But, thanks to these links, not only myself, but I'm sure that other people that read this article too got helped a lot. Additionally, I'm glad that this article contains mySQL too, since it's a very important program for PHP.