Gwynne Dyer: Egyptian Presidential Election is a cynical farce!

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Gwynne Dyer, a reknown Canadian journalist, historian, academic and essayist on international affairs, writes that the recent Egyptian Presidential Elections are a Cynical Farce! He mentions that the ruling party engaged in everything from ballot stuffing to bussing government workers to vote en masse after it was apparent that the turn out was very low. He also correctly notes that President Bush, who says he wants democracy in the region, do not want to see Mubarak go. Yet, he sees a silver lining in the elections, that it rekindled Egyptians' interest in politics after some 53 years of stagnation. I have to wait and see, since I am not as optimistic as Dr. Dyer. All in all, a very accurate assessment from a Western observer. Then again, Dyer is not your typical Western journalist.The article is also in the New Zealand Herald