Ahmed Mattar poems on Arab rulers and Arab societies

Ahmed Mattar أحمد مطر is an Iraqi poet who have been living in exile for decades, most recently in London. His style is somewhat reminiscent of Nizar Qabbani نزار قباني but does not have the latter's knack for vulgarities and themes of womanizing. His poetry is very critical of rulers of Arab countries, lack of freedoms, the use of torture, clinging to power at all costs. He also laments the general situation of Arab societies.Here are two examples that are very appropriate now, as they were when they were written. This short poem was written after Saddam Hussein got 100% of votes a few months before the US invasion and him being deposed. In it, he sarcastically states that everyone voted, even unborn babies in their mothers' wombs, and those who lie in graves. He challenges Saddam to put this "love" of the people to the test and walk among them without guards.

إصعد لا.. لَمْ تكُنْ لُعْبَة ولَمْ تكنْ كِذْبَة ولم تكنْ خُلاصـةً لِلخـوفِ والرّهبَة نِسبةُ تأييدكَ جاءَتْ كلُّها بمُنتهى الإخلاصِ والرَّغبة الشّعـبُ كُلـُّهُ انحنـى بينَ يَدَيـكَ آمِناً ومُؤمِنا حتّـى أنا وكُلُّ مَن حَـوْلـي هُنا في غُربِـة الغُربـَهْ وَكُـلُّ مَن في رَِحـمِ الأُمّ انثـنى وكُلُّ مَن توسَّـدَ التُّربَـهْ مَـلأتَ قلبَ الشّـعبِ بالحُـبِّ فلا غَــرْوَ إذا أعطاكَ هذا الشّعـبُ مِن فـَرْطِ الهـوى.. قَلبَـهْ. أوطـافَ مِن حَوْلكَ مَحمـومَ الخُـطى أكثَر ممّا طِيـفَ بالكعبَهْ ! يا مائـةً في مائـةٍ يا غاطِساً في بركَـةِ الحُـبِّ إلى الرُّكْبَـهْ شعُبـكَ أعَطـاكَ الذّي لَمْ يُعْطـهِ رَبَّـهْ ! ها أنتَ مِنهُ آمِـنٌ وأنتَ فيهِ مُؤتَمَـنْ فاصعَـدْ إلى الشّعـبِ إذَنْ مُرتَدياً حُبَّـهْ ولاتَضَـعْ بينكُما حِراسَـةٍ يكفيكَ أن تَحرُسـكَ (النِّسْبـهْ). أو دَعْـهُ يَتبَعْكَ إلى سابـع أرضٍ عَلَّـهُ.. يَنجـو مِنَ الضَّربَهْ!

Here is another ultra short poem. It is a telegram to Safeyyudin Al Hilli صفي الدين الحلي (d. 750 A.H) who has written famed verses of pride centuries ago. He turns the verses around lamenting the current situation in Arab countries.

برقية عاجلة إلى صفي الدين الحلي Urgent telegram to Safeyyudin Al Hilli سلوا بيوت الغواني عن مخازينا و أستشهدوا الغرب هل خاب الرجا فينا Ask the brothels on our shameful deeds, and ask the West if we are hopeless سود صنائعنا بيض بيارقنا خضر موائدنا حمر ليالينا Our doings are black, our banners are white, our dining tables are green, and our nights are red

The original verses read:

سـلي  الـرماح الـعوالي عن معالينا      واستشهدي البيض هل خاب الرجا فينا Ask the high spears on our [high] traits, and ask the swords بـيـض  صـنائعنا سـود وقـائعنا      خـضر  مـرابعنا حـمر مـواضينا Our deeds are white, our battles are black, our pastures are green and our swords are red.

The full poem by Al Hilli can be read here.Read more poems of Ahmed Mattar.



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