Finding Distant Relatives Over The Internet

The title should really read: "Distant relatives finding you via the internet" ...Running a web site is an experience that is full of surprises.One pleasant surprise is when someone reads your web site and discovers that they are a relative of you, and gets in touch with you for details.About a year ago, I had someone contact me after reading the paternal side of my ancestry. He is living in the village my father is from. After some emails, we discovered that my paternal grandfather and  his paternal grandfather are brothers. Today, someone else contacted me about the maternal side of  my ancestry. Again after several emails, it turns out that his paternal grandfather, and my maternal grandfather are cousins. He did not know much about our side of the family and I filled him on the details. In return, I did not know much about his side of the tree, and even did not know the names of my grandfather's grandfather, as well as my grandfather's great grandfather One benefit of the internet that was not possible in the past ...



looking for dads ex-girlfriend

hi. my name is danielle. i have been trying to find my my dads ex-girlfriend for a long time now. if you could help me, that would be great! her name is teresa venchenko. maiden name is teresa tingley. once married to kenneth venchenko. she lives in michigan somewhere. if you could help me, i would greatly appreciate it. and please email me back.

My Father

My name is Latija Anglin. I am 18 years old. When I was 5 my dad went to prison and i have not seen him since then. I would really like to know his where abouts. I know that currently he is in a prison in Atlanta but Im not quite sure where. His name is Leon Dwight Swain. Im not sure if that is how to spell to the middle name.Please email back if you find someting.