Google Maps

Google Maps is another technological innovation by Google. Sites with maps have been around for a long time, including Yahoo Maps and MapQuest, and others.

The interface to Google Maps is very clean and simple, yet very functional. You double click to center, you slide the bar to zoom in or out, and you can drag the map.

You can search on an address or a business, and get driving directions.

Recently, Google added Satellite Images to the maps as well. They also expanded to UK and British Isles.

Here is a technical overview of Google Maps and how it works: Mapping Google. and a tutorial from Engadget on how to develop web site that use it.

Some creative individuals on the internet have expanded Google Maps into ways that are really striking in its innovation, leadingsome to note that users have been accelerating innovation with Google Maps. Here is an AP story about how there are multiple uses for Google Maps.

Here are several interesting sites that show how Google Maps are being used in ways never thought of before.

Drupal and Google Maps

Someone has already played with Drupal and Google Maps  It is another instance of integrating Google Maps with a popular Content Management System. A suggestion later for using Google Maps with Drupal.

Surfing Google Maps

Some interesting hidden nuggets in Google's Satellite Maps

Legal Implications

Google's terms make some of the third party sites listed above be in violation of those terms. There was an incident of Google asking for a take down.